L’actualité de l’ESS Europe

ESS ERIC Academic Publishing Workshop

On January 18th and 19th 2018, at the University of Southampton, an ESS ERIC Academic Publishing Workshop untitled « Going beyond the country: Exploring sub-national effects on socio-demographic phenomena with European Social Survey data » will bring together academics who are interested in exploring the sub-national dimension in socio-demographic studies and will promote ESS as an invaluable instrument in this respect.

Appel pour les modules rotatifs de la 10ème édition

Researchers are invited to apply for the opportunity to design a rotating module of 30 questions addressing a topic of academic and/or policy relevance across Europe, for the Round 10 of the European Social Survey (ESS).

ESS ERIC becomes an ESFRI Landmark

The European Social Survey (ESS ERIC) has been recognised as an ESFRI Landmark by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). This announcement marks a significant achievement for the ESS.

ESS Round 7 Data Release

The first edition of data and documentation for ESS Round 7 was released on 28 October 2015 for 15 countries.

ESS Round 9 Call for Rotating module Design Teams

Applications are now being invited for teams of academics to design modules for inclusion in the European Social Survey Round 9 questionnaire.

New insights from the ESS shed light on what makes Europeans …

Does parenthood make us happy ? Can we migrate to become happier ? How does gender inequality influence depression rates ?

ESS Conference – Call for Papers/Abstracts

The European Social Survey Conference will take place at Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland, on 28th-29th May 2015 and a call for papers is now open (deadline : 28 February 2015).

ESS1-6 Cumulative file released

The ESS Data and Documentation section was updated 26th of November 2014 with a cumulative data file for the first six rounds of the ESS.

Round 8 Questionnaire Module Call

The Call for Proposals for questions to be fielded in ESS Round 8 is open.
All applications must be received by 17.00 UK time on Monday 12 May 2014 in order to be considered.

Seminar – Economic Crisis, the quality of work and wellbeing

New ESS Policy seminar on Economic Crisis, the quality of work and wellbeing – the European experience in the great recession.